The Brass Band Music of Johan de Meij


Ceremonial Fanfare* – Johan de Meij

Sinfonietta No. 1* – Johan de Meij
I. Energico-Andante assai-Tempo I
II. Andante
III. Allegro festivo

Canticles (for bass trombone & brass band)** – Johan de Meij
Bass Trombone Soloist: Brandt Attema

Symphony No. 1 The Lord of the Rings**
I. Gandalf (The Wizard)
IV. Journey in the Dark
a. The Mines of Moria
b. The Bridge of Khazad-dûm
V. Hobbits

Duet from The Pearl Fishers* – Georges Bizet arr. Johan de Meij
Soloists: Adam Bokaris & Johan de Meij

Duet from Don Carlos** – Giuseppe Verdi arr. Johan de Meij
Soloists: Chris Binns & Brandt Attema

Finale from William Tell Overture** – Gioachino Rossini arr. Johan de Meij

* conducted by David Thornton
** conducted by Johan de Meij